Interview with Olympic fencing champion Ana Maria Brânză, winner of the Alexandrion Trophies Gala: „Being on the podium at the gala is a goal, but to get there you have to meet your sports goals”

The Alexandrion Foundation brings to sports lovers, every week, exclusive interviews with Romanian sports personalities. Every year, the best athletes are present on the stage at the Alexandrion Trophies, the most important gala in Romania, which awards sports champions and enjoys the applause and recognition of those they successfully represent around the world. Now, we turn our attention to those who received the awards of the Alexandrion Foundation on the evening of the most recent gala, held on February 5th, in Bucharest, which brought together the world of Romanian sports performance. We wanted to see how they remember that moment, what they are doing now and how they see the future.

Ana Maria Brânză has been practicing performance fencing for 21 years and, in addition to the fact that every year she managed to become better and better in this sport, winning new European, world and even Olympic titles, she kept her enthusiasm and energy from the beginning of hers competitive career. The fact that she was born left-handed proved to be an asset rather than an impediment in the professional career of fencing, which has an impressive record: Olympic champion with the national fencing team at the 2016 Rio Olympics, silver medal at the Olympic Games from Beijing in 2008, double world champion in 2010 and 2011 and another 20 medals won at world and European championships. In addition, Ana Maria Brânză was declared 3 times (in 2008, 2009 and 2010) the best swordswoman in the world. Although sport is her greatest passion and main occupation, Ana Maria is involved with the same energy in social projects, participates as a speaker at sports events and is Vice President of the Romanian Fencing Federation.

Due to her constant performances, Ana Maria Brânză is one of the athletes who are present the stage of the Alexandrion Trophies Gala every year, to receive the trophy that symbolizes the recognition of the previous year’s merits for contributing to the evolution of Romanian sport.

” For us, athletes, the Alexandrion Trophies Gala is an opportunity to meet, to see each other, to get to know each other, to socialize. For me, the first edition was certainly the most important, as it happened to me at the Olympic Games. And what I enjoy most is that it was not a singular event. I like that these people really care about sports and they convey this feeling to you and when they invest you with their trust, it is really an extra motivation. Being on the podium at the Alexandrion Trophies Gala is a goal, but to get there you have to meet your sports goals ” said Ana Maria Brânză in the interview given to the Alexandrion Foundation.

The Olympic fencing champion is in a period of physical recovery, following a knee surgery, but she says that she is making progress every day. The period of isolation gave her the opportunity to spend more time with her family and to pursue her other passions: painting and reading.

«I was extremely happy with the time I spent at home. I also had time to paint, to finish the stack of books on the nightstand, to see a movie and even to meet my friends online.” said Ana Maria.

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